Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bubby, the tattoo artist.

Watch out, Kat Von D. -- Bubby is the freshest tattoo artist on the scene these days. Take a gander at her fine work:

Check out those leg tats! Smokin'.

She even does facial tattoos! See?

What a superb-looking H she did on Barbie's cheek. What does it stand for? "Hottie?" "Harlot?" Probably "Hot Mess." (I'm not so sure about that eyeshadow. A little much, perhaps?)

Not only is Bubby super-talented, but she's discreet. I had no idea Barbie was getting some fresh ink. Then BAM! Barbie needed help with a wardrobe change and there it is! So subtle. I barely noticed it.

And Bubby's quite modest, too. She wouldn't even take credit for her work, trying to pass it off as Buckwheat's. But I know better -- Buckwheat can't draw H's as adeptly as Bubby can. This was definitely her masterpiece; not his.

P.S.: Grammy, just be glad she did this and got in trouble for it BEFORE receiving your birthday gift next week. Yikes.


  1. oh man. when i was little i cut my barbies hair. THAT went over well...

  2. almost every baby, barbie, & doll we have has been drawn on. evelyn started out with it, she then realized that was not a good idea, then little miss amelia thought oh it was a great idea, and is even worse than evelyn. i hate to admit but i pretty much gave up on getting her to stop. mother of the year. hahaha. :) better than fights with a 2 year old i think.

  3. Oh geeze...I once put Barbie in the microwave so she could get a tan! And then proceeded to flush her down the toilet (It made the perfect 'hot tub') Oh poor Barbie... - Jenna

  4. Good thing she didn't do this to one of my barbies when I was 5. I would have tattled.

  5. With that makeup - is that from the White Trash barbie line?
    Bud du dum *crash*

  6. haha too funny watch out kat von d! barbies always need a fresh and new look


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