Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Here, there, everywhere.

I'm sorry my posts have been so sporadic. Yep, I'm apologizing to my readers. Pretty sure that's on the list of do-not's for serious bloggers, but I'm doing it. I know many of you look forward to my posts and experience a sad-face when I neglect to write. And by "many," I mean at least two. Which is many more than zero, in my opinion.

But anyway, I've been really busy and stressed and just haven't had time for this little blog. I don't like to admit this. In fact, it's kind of embarrassing. But here's the deal: I've been doing way too much and I need to cut back pretty severely on my commitments. If you know me and the control freak I am, you know this is basically killing me, not being involved in everything I possibly can. However, the acne that recently exploded on my face tells me enough is enough and I need a break.

I'll still be posting off and on, but even twice a week can be taxing. So just don't expect much of me and you'll be pleasantly surprised when a post shows up. Actually, a little praise in the comments probably wouldn't hurt. Control freaks like when people stroke their egos. So go ahead.

 In return, I'll give you this:

Source: via Jenna on Pinterest

I know. I laughed my head off, too.


  1. There is nothing wrong with cutting back. In fact, I think it takes a mature person to know their limits. I will love your posts, whenever they come. And hey, good for you for living life. Sometimes you gotta turn off the computer and live a little. Yes, I think writing about life is important, but so is living it :)

  2. i like comments too and i never get them.

    so i decided to not just hit and run your blog and leave you a little love.

    i always seem to over commit. so, take all the time you need and remember deep breaths always help!


  3. i missed you! for serious!! i hope you can take a breather. i hate stress acne, ugh it is the worst!
    i must be a terrible mom i don't let my kids lick the bowl or the beaters, my husband thinks there is something wrong with me. hahaha. :)

  4. I missed you too! But I LOVED MeganandClaudy's comment! I wish there was a like button here. I have a hard time FINDING the time to blog!

  5. I overcommit, too. But I am so disorganized that I don't get anything done.


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