Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cancer strikes again.

Let's just get this out there: cancer sucks. Since losing two loved ones (my grandmother in April 2010 and my uncle Mike last October) to this evil villain, I have developed a soft spot for those who must endure its deadly effects. It's extremely painful for all involved.

My sister-in-law Rochelle's brother Derek has suffered from Hodgkins lymphoma since October 2008. It was discovered just two weeks before he was to marry his sweet bride, Kaela. Despite the grim diagnosis, they were married and had their cute son Camden in July of the following year.

 Last night, after a grueling 4 1/2-year battle against cancer, Derek passed away surrounded by his family. He leaves behind a young wife and their 3-year-old son.

If you'd like to help this family out with medical and burial costs, a fund has been set up where you can donate any amount of money. Please consider what you can give. Any amount will help. And if you can't donate for any reason, please share this post and spread the word. 

You can also donate through Wells Fargo Bank under the name of DEREK BEACH MEMORIAL FUND under the account number 1749326862.

Please pray for this sweet family, that they may have peace and comfort during this tragic time.

Click to donate to the Support Love Beach fund.


  1. I hate cancer. I lost my gpa to prostate cancer, lost my aunt to pancreatic cancer, my uncle to colon cancer that spread to his bones, almost lost my mom to breast cancer, and my father in law is going through treatment for prostate cancer. I hope Derek and his family will remain as positive as they can, and know that people from all over will be praying for them!


    1. I'm so sorry for your many losses, Andrea. :(

  2. we know so many of the same people. :) it breaks my heart to see this sweet family go through so much. praying for them and giving what I can.


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