Monday, June 3, 2013

From one "camp" to another.

Let's play "Spot the Intern!" You see me?

Well, I'm back from Girls' Camp. Nothing like a whole crew of 12 - to 18-year-old giggly teenage girls to make you feel young again. Or maybe fatigue is what I'm experiencing at the moment ... I forgot what it's like to stay up way past midnight and arise at the crack of dawn three days in a row. I'm simply not cut out for it anymore, as evidenced by my maniacal laughter during our final night at Camp Shadow Pines. Loopy doesn't even begin to describe it. Now that I've had a few nights of solid sleep in my own bed, I'm feeling a lot better.

While I was gone, I received the sad news that Dill's grandfather, whom we call Papos, had passed away. Bittersweet time for our family. Papos lived a very full life but suffered from various ailments at the end, including MDS, lymphoma and both kidney and liver failure. We've been making funeral plans since I returned home, making sure the service reflects his giving, optimistic nature. Dill's employer generously gave him five days off for bereavement, so he's here and that's always fun. I'm excited to spend some QT with him and the kids.

Next weekend, we're planning to go camping. Like, in the woods. In tents. The whole kit and caboodle. Which, you may have guessed, I don't do. Ever. My past camping experiences involve unexpected visits from Aunt Flo, constipation resulting from fear of pooping in a hole or a fly-infested outhouse, insect anxiety and sleepless nights due to a poorly-placed tent (I swear, EVERY TIME my sleeping bag ends up right on top of a pointy rock). But Dill loves to camp, and our kids are getting older, and I WANT to be a camper, so for Father's Day I bought Dill the Coleman 4-Person Evanston Tent and two sleeping bags. Clearly, I'm committed. Be impressed.

In the meantime, give me your best camping tips and tricks. If you're local, I'd love to hear about your favorite campsites -- preferably no more than two hours from Mesa. Camping food ideas would be nice, too. Since this is our first camping trip as a family, it'll only be an overnighter, so keep that in mind. Let me have it!


  1. How about the Payson/Pine & Strawberry area? Only about an hour and a half from Mesa and there are all kinds of gorgeous spots along the 87!

    P.S. I admire your camping bravery...I am not cut out for it!

  2. I live in Payson and agree with Caroline... there are lots of beautiful spots here and it is pretty close to Mesa!

  3. Call me. I'm filled with camping tips and I have some gear that might improve your experience.

  4. My idea of camping is the Marriott. Don't ask me.

  5. Payson is a great place, my Grandma used to have a cabin near there in Christopher Creek. I admire your bravery; tenting is SO SO not for me. Sorry to hear about Papos.

  6. We go camping once a year up north closer to Heber area. It usually takes us 3 hours to get there but I LOVE it. I never grew up camping but I think camping is like every other type of vacation - if you go with people who know how to do it, it's fun. If you have no idea what you're doing, it's going to suck. SO with that said, make sure you're prepared. Bring air mattresses or else you're guaranteed to be on a rock or hard spot. Camping food can be good if you're tricky. Try making soups/stews or something before you go and then all you have to do is warm it up and wash your pot. Easy, better on the tummy, etc than most camping food. Your kids will get dirty. The sooner you realize that and go with it, the more you can relax. I learned that the hard way. My MIL bought a potty tent and we use that every year (women and children only!). She just buys a new actual potty every year and chucks it after our trip. They're like $30 at Walmart and SO worth it! You'll prob have a great trip. Just go into with an open mind. :)


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