Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Favorites: Thera Cane

Do you ever get muscle tightness or spasms that you'd give anything to get rid of? I certainly do.

About four and a half years ago, I started developing chronic muscle spasms in my shoulders, more so my on the right side than the left. My son was a toddler at the time, and I first attributed it to a shoulder injury from lifting him in and out of the car incorrectly. The pain in my shoulder was so severe, it radiated down my whole arm even my hand. Ibuprofen wouldn't touch it. I was a sad sack of misery.

I first saw a chiropractor who ordered an MRI. The test results showed no injury to the shoulder and only slight arthritis in my neck, which basically meant nothing. His manipulation and massage therapy seemed to worsen it, so I stopped going.

I then saw a general practitioner for a second opinion. She suggested since I had tingling and numbness in my fingers, I probably had a pinched nerve in my neck. She prescribed a regimen of steroids (which made me psycho) and some muscle relaxers (which gave me fits of the giggles). The medications did help, but once I finished the steroids, the pain came right back.

Finally, I saw a third doctor who was known for a more holistic approach to medicine. He noticed my spasms right away during his examination and explained they were likely related to stress. Great, I thought. I was terrible at managing stress and at that, I figured I'd never get any relief. I was doomed to go through life like this forevermore!

Eventually, the pain subsided on its own, only to return with a vengeance after a brief period of relief. There were months -- MONTHS -- when I'd walk around with this excruciating pain, my entire shoulder completely rock-hard and frozen, my arm useless. I felt hopeless to the situation.

I tried stretches, yoga, exercise, massage therapy, everything. What helped most was to have Dill use his elbow to apply an intense amount of pressure directly on the muscle. It absolutely killed while he was digging his elbow into my shoulder, but it provided some release of the tension. So, I endured it. But the relief was short-lived, and he wasn't always around to help me.

Then one day, when the spasms were especially acute, I was at a church function. A nurse in my ward noticed I was in pain -- she could just tell by the look in my eyes and the way I was carrying myself. I tearfully told her about this chronic condition, which had been going on for almost two years by this point. She suggested I get myself a Thera Cane.

The cane that saved me!

She briefly explained it was a cane-shaped device that had several knobs which the user could apply to various trigger points, releasing muscle tension. It sounded like it could help.

I filed her advice away and forgot about it as my pain subsided once again, for a few months. But a new bout of stress soon caused its painful return, and before too long, I was again desperate for relief.

That's when I bit the bullet and finally ordered the Thera Cane. It looked like a crazy contraption, but I didn't care. I was willing to try anything. I ordered it from Amazon and it came in about two days. It included an instructional manual filled with useful diagrams, showing how to target the most common trigger points -- neck, shoulders, back and more.

As directed, I used the knob on the end of the hook to apply pressure between my spine and right shoulder. INSTANT relief. I had longed for this day for years!

Now, whenever I feel a muscle spasm coming on, I don't dread months of suffering and pain. I simply take out my Thera Cane and get to work on releasing the spasm. It's especially useful when combined with heat therapy and Dr. Hoy's.

If you're like me and walking around with chronic muscle spasms, well -- suffer no more! Get your Thera Cane today and enjoy some much-needed relief. It's cheaper than a co-pay to a chiropractor and worth every penny. Get it here.

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