Friday, June 10, 2011

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

"What do we do? We swim!"

I love Finding Nemo.

And I love that Bubby can swim!

The first two days were fraught with tears. It was almost tragic. Bubby screamed as if she were being murdered in cold blood but life went on. Day 3 had less screaming but still tears. But on the fourth day, everything clicked and she was suddenly unafraid! Jumping in and swimming around like a fish. I couldn't have been more proud.

Seriously, if you're in the Mesa area and need an awesome swimming teacher, you need Ms. Rolayne. Fifty dollars and six days later, your kid (or you ... not everyone can swim; I don't judge) will know how to swim! And if your kid feels the need to wipe a wad of snot on Ms. Rolayne's face mid-session, she'll act like it's no big deal (yeah, that happened).

E-mail me at momtheintern @ gmail dot com if you're interested.


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