Monday, December 31, 2012

Best of 2012.

The past 12 months have had some tragic moments (Aurora shooting, Hurricane Sandy and Newtown shooting, to name a few). I also suffered the loss of my uncle in October and Dill lost his grandmother way back in Februray.

It wasn't an easy year for most of us, but 2012 did bring some happy moments for us which I'd like to reflect on in a spirit of gratitude. So just bear with me while I get a little sentimental (I'll try to throw the classic Intern humor in here and there, too).

We got to see Dill's extended family at his grandmother's funeral in Visalia

Dill and I saw Wicked at Grady Gammage

Sweet little baby became an official toddler and celebrated his 2nd birthday in March

Kids hunted for eggs on Easter as we celebrated Jesus' resurrection

The Bubster graduated from the best preschool EVER!

Buckwheat learned to swim (we'll see how much he remembers next summer)

We celebrated America's freedom with a cute shirt and a legit top knot
(I also began hormone replacement therapy and my life has been AMAZING since!)

The beard came back
(learn more about the Life of Christ Bible Videos here)

I made a fabulous bat cave and basically confessed I love Halloween more than Christmas

So we celebrated with a trip to Santa Barbara ...


We gave thanks, ate tons of food and played kickball for Thanksgiving

I performed in three concerts in one day and it was awesome
(listen to our Christmas album here)

I FINALLY got a DSLR which I love (still haven't named it, though)

And we celebrated the birth of our dear Savior
(and we still haven't taken the tree down -- tomorrow?)

Hope your happies outweighed your sads this year.
I truly wish you all the best in 2013! Can't wait to see what it brings ...


  1. Yay!!! Happy end of 2012! I LOVE that picture of the three of us! Love you best friend!

    1. Love you too, Q!!! No more ER visits in 2013, K?

  2. It's fun to see all your pictures! Your kids are so stinking cute and totally look like you!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who favors Halloween over Christmas :P most people think I'm nuts or morbid lol! I've just always loved it!! :) Happy New Year!!!

  3. Happy New Year! I always say the one upside to funerals is seeing family you might not usually see. How cute that A's preschool is called "Helping Hands?" Leave your tree up. Mine isn't coming down until the 13th. I have a great excuse, too!

  4. It looks like 2012 was a good year! Here's to 2013 and it being even more fabulous!!!
    xo TJ


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